On-Premises Contact Center Solution

On-premises contact center solutions to meet your high security and compliance needs.

About On-Premises Contact Centers

On-premises contact centers are in-house software and solutions that are under the full control of your in-house IT maintenance staff. This traditional approach to contact centers is highly customizable and capable of supporting a range of functions and features to fit any industry need.

While cloud contact centers are gaining in popularity for their flexibility, quick implementation, and easy scalability, on-premises centers remain the better choice for many organizations.

Benefits of On-Premises Contact Centers:
  • Enhanced system security
  • Regulatory standards compliant
  • In-house control

Why Choose an On-Premises Solution from IEC

IEC provides a robust, all-in-one on-premises contact center – Genesys & Interactive Intelligence’s PureConnect. This state-of-the-art solution alleviates the common multi-vendor headache of traditional contact and call center solutions. Rather than dealing with multiple contracts and disparate applications, IEC’s solution gives you all the features and functions you need from one vendor in one place and ensures that one application update won’t negatively affect the rest of your system.

IEC also develops a range of custom marketplace add-ons to help you further customize and take advantage of your contact center solution.

  • Multichannel routing
  • Outbound dialing
  • Voice self-service
  • CRM and UC integration
  • Business process automation
  • Robust reporting

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IEC Services

IEC has specialized in on-premises contact center implementation and support for more than six years. We’ve worked with businesses across the country and across industries to help them install and optimize their centers.

IEC prides itself on fast, dependable, high-quality work with a personal touch. We are proud to offer customized contact center development, implementation, and consulting to all of our clients – big and small.

  • Development: IEC development services create custom applications, processes, integrations, interfaces, and more to help make your contact center better match your needs.
  • Implementation: Our implementation team works closely with your in-house staff to get your contact center up and running quickly and with minimal issues.
  • Consulting: We use our in depth knowledge and expertise to recommend and implement processes that will make your center more efficient and effective.
  • Marketplace: Purchase one of IEC’s custom applications that solve common contact center pain points – built specifically for PureConnect.

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“We engaged IEC to help develop our vision of a dynamically built in real-time customized client call flow, allowing us to deliver a unique client experience for each and every one of our customers. This was no small feat and far from a typical out-of-the-box implementation requiring a wide breadth of expertise that wouldn’t have been possible without the team at IEC. They were able to help us realize this vision while meeting an incredibly tight launch timeline. Since our flawless launch, IEC has become one of our key trusted advisors that continue to help us establish competitive advantage in the marketplace today.”

Christopher PattenVice President, Technology, TransPerfect