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IEC offers both high security on-premises contact centers and flexible cloud-based contact centers to fit all your implementation needs.

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Evolution of Contact Centers

Contact center technology has changed over the years, but it hasn't all been advancements. See which "upgrades" aren't as good as they seem and which new solutions are true industry, technology, and solution advancements.

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Cloud Contact Center

IEC’s cloud contact center solution is powered by PureCloud by Genesys and is backed by Amazon Web Services. This state-of-the-art software is quick and easy to implement, scalable as you grow, affordable, and offers a collection of features to drive effectiveness and efficiency.

Best for companies that:
  • Want a contact center up and running fast
  • Need a flexible, scalable contact center
  • Have seasonal staffing requirements
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On-Premises Contact Center

IEC provides robust, comprehensive on-premises contact center solutions powered by Genesys & Interactive Intelligence. The advanced PureConnect is a multi-channel, multi-feature solution that provides everything you need to support top-of-the-line customer service via a secure, reliable contact center.

Best for companies that:
  • Need additional security
  • Abide by strict compliance standards
  • Want a dedicated contact center solution
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Which Solution is Right for You?

Not sure which solution is the best fit for your needs and organization? IEC’s contact center quiz will recommend a direction based on a few simple questions about your company and contact center requirements.

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“IEC has been nothing short of incredible. The depth and breadth of their knowledge astounds me. They also make it very clear that they are 100% invested in their clients. Whether dealing with critical issues or just answering simple questions that I can’t find the answers to, they always makes themselves available to support us in whatever way is needed. As someone who is new to this line of work, I have appreciated their help immensely.”

Ryan PerkinsDialer Administrator, Verisk Health