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IEC is committed to making sure you know everything you need to know about contact center implementation and best practices.

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4 Ways Omnichannel Improves Your Customer Experience

The perks of omnichannel are not confined to the contact center - there are benefits before and after the customer begins a relationship with your brand.

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The Difference Between Contact Centers

Contact centers, the new, improved version of the outdated call center, are no longer created equal.

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Omnichannel Everywhere - Not Just Customer Service

The omnichannel hype has focused on the contact center, but omnichannel exists all along the customer journey.

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Omnichannel Contact Center

Learn how to better serve customers via phone, email, chat and more with omnichannel technology.

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The History of Omnichannel

Omnichannel, an all-important feature of the contact center, actually traces its roots elsewhere.

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Call Centers Aren't Enough

Call centers don't meet modern customer engagement demands. Learn why contact centers are a better solution.

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Evolution of Contact Centers

Not all contact center solutions are equal. See how modern solutions have evolved and improved over time.

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Contact Center Quiz

Figure out if a cloud-based contact center or an on-premises solution would better fit your business needs.

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Cloud Cost Calculator

Get a quick online estimate of how much it could cost to implement a cloud contact center based on your business needs.

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About PureCloud by Genesys Technology

Learn about the underlying architecture and design of the PureCloud by Genesys cloud-based contact center and how that leads to superior reliability and recoverability.

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About On-Premises Solutions

This quick one-pager details the features, capabilities, and cost savings of purchasing the PureConnect on-premises solution from IEC.

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About Interaction Recorder

Capture, store, and review all customer interactions in a single system with the Interaction Recorder feature of PureConnect.

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Designed for Functionality

PureCloud by Genesys features a sleek interface and is extremely user friendly. Learn how a focus on design drove development of this innovative call center technology.

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Persona-Based Resources

FAQs, videos, educational courses, and other helpful resources for PureCloud by Genesys contact center business users, contact center users, and administrators.

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Additional Resources

Get the most recent Genesys & Interactive Intelligence resources, searchable by technology feature, products, solutions, industries, and more.

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Contact Center Upgrades

Find out the facts and figures to convince the board of directors to upgrade your contact center.

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Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Cutting-edge IVR technology not only provides a better first impression, but it promotes call containment.

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Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Discover how advanced ACD systems and routing methods, such as bullseye routing, save time, money and resources.

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Strategic Planning in the Contact Center

Learn how sophisticated simulation modeling techniques and analytics solutions accurately predict performance, allowing for interactive decision-making in the contact center.

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“We moved to the I3 system for its enhanced features and functionality. From the beginning IEC helped us position this technology in a fashion that makes sense and works well. The value added to the CIC system by IEC is immense. They are always responsive, always speaks in terms we understand and work hard to ensure we are good with our system and projects.”

Bob PradoSenior Engineer – Telecom, MOHELA