Contact Center FAQs

Find the answers to the most common questions about contact center technology, as well as IEC’s solutions.


How does a contact center differ from a call center?

A call center only handles incoming and outgoing telephone calls, while a contact center handles all forms of communication, including email, chat, SMS, and social media.

What is the difference between multichannel and omnichannel?

With a multichannel approach, different communication channels are added to the contact center, often with third-party applications that make it more difficult to maintain a consistent brand image and voice. An omnichannel integrates all communication, allowing the contact center to uphold the brand regardless of channel. Learn more about the benefits of an omnichannel contact center.

What is the difference between an on-premises and a cloud contact center?

The traditional model, an on-premises contact center is an in-house solution that is completely under the control of an organization’s IT staff. Because on-premises contact centers often necessitate the upgrade of hardware, the process is more expensive and takes a longer time to implement. However, on-premises contact centers provide the most data security and often do not require as many recurring costs.

Cloud contact centers utilize the cloud to provide the same contact center technology, but do not require hardware upgrades or on-site maintenance. It is affordable, easy to implement, and scalable, but it does often require a paid subscription and continued reliance on outside vendors.

How do I know which contact center is right for my business?

Businesses that lack an in-house IT staff and servers may benefit from a cloud contact center, while those that already have systems in place may find an on-premises solution a better fit. However, each business is different, and IEC can help determine which contact center works best.

How much does a contact center upgrade cost?

It depends on whether you choose an on-premises or cloud contact center solution. On-premises solutions often require hardware upgrades and more initial setup, which can cost more. Cloud contact centers are more quickly implemented, but do require recurring monthly costs. Calculate an estimated cost of a cloud contact center with The IEC’s solution.

About The IEC

Can I customize my contact center?

Yes. The IEC is experienced in the design and development of custom applications to use within the PureConnect or PureCloud software. We have add-ons already available for on-premises contact centers, and we are also able to custom build solutions for cloud contact centers.

What does the IEC do?

The Interactive Engineering Consortium partners with technology provider Genesys to offer an all-in-one solution for businesses upgrading their contact centers. The IEC consults with businesses to determine the right contact center solution, developing custom features as needed, and implements the technology. The IEC also performs continual maintenance and assists the business in training staff to use the contact center technology to the best of its advantage.

“Andy was great. He wrote some customer handlers for us which work beautifully. After the project was done, we had a weekend upgrade snag and Andy responded to us within minutes and was willing to help us out and answer questions.”

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