About Us

IEC has been in the contact center business and a trusted partner of Genesys & Interactive Intelligence for nearly a decade.

About IEC

At IEC – Interactive Engineering Consortium – our mission is to provide the absolute best of the best when it comes to developing, implementing, and consulting for on-premises and cloud contact centers using Genesys & Interactive Intelligence technology solutions.

IEC engineers have years of experience designing, implementing, and supporting the most complex contact center architectures and solutions. Leveraging this experience and expertise, IEC provides comprehensive services to ensure your success – no matter the size of your company or contact center. Meet the team and learn more about our services at one of the many trade shows we attend around the country.

IEC – based in Denver, CO – is proud of our reputation built on dedication, problem-solving, and superior customer relations. Our customers have confidence in us because they know that the job will get done properly and on time.

Our Core Values

Integrity – There are few things more important in business than a reputation for being ethical and honorable. At IEC, our reputation means everything. You can trust us to do the best and not to cut any corners.

Excellence – IEC works with the best industry talent. Expertise and excellence are the keys to our success, and our customers’ satisfaction.

Confidence – Our Integrity and Excellence lead to our customers’ Confidence in our solutions and ability to execute. Your Confidence in us is our most valued asset, and we work tirelessly to ensure it is never shaken.

IEC History

The organization was born in October 2010, and business started in January 2011. Since then, IEC has grown from a Services Partner to Genesys & Interactive Intelligence, to a Gold Partner providing software sales and support services as well.

Our growth has been steady and measured, and we’re excited to continue that tradition with new customers and new opportunities to help solve your business challenges!

About Genesys & Interactive Intelligence

Genesys & Interactive Intelligence is an industry-leading provider of innovative contact center software and solutions designed to fit all company sizes and needs. It aims to help businesses across the globe enhance service, productivity, and effectiveness while cutting costs. Genesys & Interactive Intelligence makes both on-premises and cloud contact center solutions and offers a range of packages to make effective, affordable contact centers available to all organizations.

“With CIC and PureCloud by Genesys, we have an unrivaled set of solutions for organizations looking to turn communications, collaboration, and customer engagement into a competitive weapon.” – Dr. Donald Brown, Founder/CEO, Interactive Intelligence

About Andy Gunther, President of IEC

IEC was founded by Andy Gunther in 2010. Andy has worked with Genesys & Interactive Intelligence technology since 1997. Previously an employee of Genesys & Interactive Intelligence, he spent time as an Engineer in the Professional Services group, as a product Developer, and in Sales.

When it comes to advanced solutions and problem solving with the Genesys & Interactive Intelligence product suite, Andy is regarded throughout the community – not only within Genesys & Interactive Intelligence, but throughout other Partner organizations as well – as one of the foremost experts and a go-to resource for solving the most complex problems.

He maintains close relationships throughout Genesys & Interactive Intelligence, enabling seamless and timely navigation throughout the company to help gather information, share field experiences, and build solutions.

After 13 years of working in the community in so many capacities, Andy wanted to create an organization that could be regarded as the trusted resource to the manufacturer, other partners, and end customers for solving their business problems. He set out to create IEC as a collection of experts and has led the company to become a Genesys & Interactive Intelligence Gold Partner.

“We moved to the I3 system for its enhanced features and functionality. From the beginning IEC helped us position this technology in a fashion that makes sense and works well. The value added to the CIC system by IEC is immense. They are always responsive, always speaks in terms we understand and work hard to ensure we are good with our system and projects.”

Bob PradoSenior Engineer – Telecom, MOHELA